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Introducing the CropBox

It's a completely turn key agricultural system without worries about the weather, pests, heating prices or water. By growing the equivalent of an acre of field grown crops or 2,200 square feet of greenhouse space within a 320 sq ft footprint, the Crop Box is among the world's most highest yielding agricultural systems

Herbs, Greens & Lettuces

Grow up to 12000 pounds each year in a Crop Box

Available Now! Yields equal to 1 acre of field lettuce or 2,200 square feet of greenhouse space in 320 sq ft!

Get growing in less than a month with our herb/green/lettuce Crop Box. Grow up to 150 varieties of herbs, greens and lettuces to give you the flexibility to adjust your production based on market demand.


Grow up to 7000 pounds each year in a CropBox

Coming Soon! 

Stay tuned for our introduction of the strawberry Crop Box! 

Microgreens & Fodder

Grow up to 140 tons of fodder or 84 tons of microgreens each year in a CropBox

Available Now! Feed up to 17 horses per Crop Box!

Great for horse boarding facilities and restaurants wanting a cheaper source of Microgreens! Save on vet bills and provide them with a yearly supply of high quality barley sprouts, orchard grass, timothy or alfalfa for similar prices to grain! 

Precision Growing

90% less water use than conventional and greenhouse cultivation

80% less fertilizer than conventional cultivation

Automatic record keeping for optimization

34% less inventory loss through simpler logistics

Discover a whole new business model for agriculture

Complete Control Over the Entire Growing Process

Exhaust fans, heating, air conditioning, integrated pest management, CO2 generation, auto fill tanks, automatic nutrient dosage and constant air movement give you complete control.

Modular and Easily Scalable

Create highly productive vertical farms by stacking the containers 5 high. Add a CropBox or remove a CropBox as demand fluctuates!

Controlled From Your Smartphone

Manage your growing system with over 18 sensors, all controllable from your smartphone. Daily logs, charts and specific parameters enable consistent optimization of the growing process.


UpgradesCustomize your CropBox!

  • Growing Supplies

    A low cost, monthly subscription service to provide you with all your growing needs whether its seeds, supplies, growing media, nutrients or technical support.. Read More
  • Packaging

    Let us take care of all your packaging needs, extend your subscription service with a our packaging subscription service.. Read More
  • Growing Equipment

    Additional equipment and supplies can be purchased from our online store.We give all CropBox customers a special deal on all our equipment. Read More
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The Crop Box Subscription Plan Includes:

  • Growing Media +

    We have a wide selection of growing media including rockwool, oasis cubes or peat plugs. Experiment and see what works best for you! We'll keep you supplied to keep you growing!
  • Nutrients +

    We only supply the highest quality, proven ingredients. We can supply dry or liquid nutrients, your choice!
  • Seeds +

    We have any variety of seed you need. We'll help you decide which will work best for your market!
  • Expert Growing Support +

    With the subscription plan you'll gain access to constant advisement. We'll guide you through the growing process with our in-house expert growers and university advisers.
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