Leafy Greens & Herbs Cropbox

Leafy Greens & Herbs Cropbox

The Leafy Greens and Herbs flagship Cropbox is a fully controlled hydroponic system housed within a 40' reefer shipping container. Each box can produce up to an acre of food and uses about 90% less water than conventional and greenhouse growing methods.

It features full environment control which allows you to monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity, and Co2. Dosing controllers are also used to keep reservoirs properly dosed to the optimal pH and nutrient levels. We use HVAC systems designed specifically for indoor growing to ensure the environment is perfect for growth.

Every Cropbox includes access to our mobile application which allows the operator to adjust dosing and environment conditions. This app also keeps track of the environment and dosing conditions, enabling the grower to monitor and keep record of each grow.

There are two nursery areas located in the back of every box for germination. Crop Rotation methods can be used to achieve increased yields over time.


How does the Cropbox compare to other forms of Agriculture?

It has the ability to grow 1 acre of crops in a single shipping container while using 90% less water


Conventional Agriculture

Conventional Agriculture

Crop Cycles: 1-2

Year Round Production: No (Seasonal)

Guaranteed Production: No

Yield per acre: 9 Tons *USA Lettuce

Water Use (annual):
270,000 Gallons / Acre *University of Arizona

Fertilizer Use / Acre: 90lb N - 175lb P - 100lb K

Flavor: Extremely High Variability

Distribution: Complex & Inefficient
Evaporative Cooled Greenhouse

Evaporative Cooled Greenhouse

Crop Cycles: 6

Year Round Production: Sometimes (Climate)

Guaranteed Production: No

Yield per acre: 213 Tons *North Carolina State University

Water Use (annual):
321,200 Gallons (2,200sf greenhouse) *University of Arizona

Fertilizer Use / Acre: 75% less

Flavor: Seasonal Variations

Distribution: Complex & Inefficient


Crop Cycles: 8

Year Round Production: Yes

Guaranteed Production: Yes

Yield per acre: 1347 Tons

Water Use (annual):
27,000 Gallons

Fertilizer Use / Acre: 80% less

Flavor: Consistency

Distribution: Simple & Close to customer

Sample business model for select crops:

We have projections for over 40 different crops, call us to receive the full list!


How it works:

100% control over every part of the growing process.



Completely Managed from a Smartphone:

Automatically keeps records and displays them as charts and graphs for constant optimization. 

Monitor and adjust every element of the growing system from a tablet or smartphone, including lighting, CO2, Nutrients, PH, Air Temperature, Humidity, Fans, Water Temperature, Water Flow, Water Levels and Root Zone Temperature. Includes a Webcam, so you may view your crops from anywhere in the world.

A smarter way to grow:

Uses 90% less water than other forms of agriculture
Stacks up to 5 high to create exponentially higher yields
Grow at the point of sale; put it in the parking lot of a grocery store!
Very low risk of croploss
Easily moved to a different location as demand shifts
Individual growing environments reduce the risk of contamination and control the spread of pests